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Emceeing events well requires ninja-like reflexes (with fewer punches) and a little (ok, a lot) of improv!

Mo, the monosyllabic-monikered author leverages laughter for levity and lighthearted lessons. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and her anecdotes viewed through the lens of humor help any reader find the funny in everyday spectacles. But that’s not all. She widens the aperture beyond the laugh, helping you learn from every interaction, giving you something to think about and prompting you to see the humor in your own life. No need to pardon her quirk, these anecdotes DO make you laugh, learn and think.


Andrew Tarvin

Humor Engineer & Keynote Speaker

When I first met Mo Barrett a little over a year ago, I was impressed with her wit and intellect. You can’t help but feel cheerful in her presence. She has a remarkable ability to extract wisdom from what most people see as just mundane everyday events. In her book Pardon My Quirk, she uses an easy storytelling style to share some of these gems with us. As a fellow U.S. Air Force officer, I could relate to many of the situations she shares in the book. I found myself nodding, smiling, and laughing through every page!


General Ellen Pawlikoski

U.S. Air Force, Retired

In addition to her kick-ass pilot creds, Mo Barrett is a compelling storyteller and inspirational speaker. In her book, she carefully compiles her best short and personal stories so that each chapter becomes a potential self-coaching tool and exercise in self-development. She promises to make you laugh, learn and think—I’d add tears of self-discovery to that—and she delivers in style!


Dr. Helena Kim

Coaching Psychologist and Author

Laugh • Learn • Think


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