Who is MoKolohe?

Mo is simply short for more and Kolohe is rascal in Hawaiian.

MoKolohe is a menehune [meh-neh-HOO-neh], a small mischievous mythological artisan, living deep in Hawaiian valleys and forests.

The menehune is a nod to my Mom’s Hawaiian heritage and MoKolohe’s attire represents my Dad’s WWII service in the Army Air Corps.

Why a Menehune?

Legend says menehune are energetic,smart, industrious and strong, with special powers of craftsmanship and capable of supernatural achievements.
They work together under the cover of darkness, passing materials hand to hand in miles-long bucket brigades to accomplish extraordinary feats of engineering.

Using magic arrows, they pierce the hearts of angry people to ignite feelings of love, replacing fury with joy.

Oh, and they are playful lot who love to dance and sing.

Why does this matter?

We all have MoKolohe in us.

We’re hard-working.
We’re tireless.
We’re capable of astonishing feats.
And sometimes, just sometimes, we’re a little mischievous.

I invite you to celebrate your MoKolohe because our world needs a few more rascals.


Yeah, so. About all of that.

You made it all the way down to the bottom of the page but you still have questions about me.
Great, because I have answers.

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