Past. Future. Present:

Saving the endangered resource of now.

How much of a difference could we make if we were fully present in each moment?

By being present in the past, present in the future, and present in the now, we can save time by taking care of one thing at a time.

Sound Familiar?

This site is open, you’re watching your texts, while on hold with the insurance company (which you’re timing on your smart watch), all while “spending time with the kids.”

Stop Spinning

By doing so much, we miss out on much more. By doing so much, we do much less.

Just Say No

We think we’ve increased our ability to multi-task but all we’ve really taught ourselves to do is multi-miss.

A housefly and the poof of a dandelion taught me a valuable lesson I want to share with you. But not here, that would be anticlimactic. Suffice it to say, I gained some life-changing insights that made me realize that being present in a moment is one of our most-endangered resources and dwindling every day.
Housefly? Poof?I need to know more

The Promise:

Past, Future, Present provides immediately-actionable tools to help us remember our past accurately so we can plan for the future more intentionally, all so that we can cherish the fleeting “nows.”

By the close of this workshop, your team will:

  • Gain techniques for neutralizing
    emotional reactions

  • Learn to use a predictive
    “what if” tool

  • Walk away with tools to enable us
    to be present in the now

  • Experience the pitfalls of

Be an effective leader

In this talk we will look at remedies, tools and techniques to give us a competitive advantage in our past, our future and our present.
I know what’s in my futurea chat with Mo

Presence is our most-endangered resource.

Our ability to be present in the moment has dwindled. What if we were present? What do we gain?

Mo Barrett was unanimously selected for TEDxYoungstown’s 2019 event. She attended every practice, was always prepared, and delivered an impressive TEDx talk that earned her a standing ovation!


Greg Smith

2019 TEDxYoungstown Licensee

Mo has a knack for entertaining people even when imparting valuable information.


Karen Magnus

Colonel, Ret. USAF

Get ready to be inspired! Mo uses her strong leadership skills, professional development knowledge and experience to fully engage her audience. Providing real world examples as she guides the listener on a journey of life lessons. Amazing!


Mickey McGalliard

Program Manager, Officer Force Development Air Force Reserve Command Professional Development Center

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