Mo Barrett!

Laugh - Learn - Think

Catalytic Comedian using humor to change the way you laugh, learn and think (in that order).

Offering unfiltered sentiments all her life.

As a retired Air Force Colonel, Mo no longer has the requirement to keep her thought-to-mouth filter engaged. She gets up on stages (sometimes without Katy) and uses anecdotes from her life in an entertaining, funny and poignant way. You can learn more about Mo here.

Randiculous (random-ridiculous) facts about Mo you never knew you didn’t want to learn:

  • Mo can NOT stand the stand of humans chewing (but she'll feed crunchy kibble to a dog all day long)
  • Mo can't touch American newspaper without gloves.
  • Mo is starting a Go Fund Me for a bleep budget.
  • Mo, like Katy, is ordained ... that's right, she can marry YOU! Not like get married TO you, but Mo could marry you to someone else (so long as they aren't already married) (or you're not already married).
  • Mo is a barbershop Baritone.

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