Unforgettable experiences through wit, wisdom and weirdness because when we play, we learn.

It's the

Mo & Katy Show!


A long-lasting momentary distraction of laughter, poor puns and positivity! Two friends from different worlds who find harmony and humor in the randiculous (random and ridiculous).

How does a straight civilian became best friends with a lesbian in the military?

By discovering the other is their long-lost “weird” twin and together, valuing the power of gratitude, humor and positivity.

It’s not the number of things that make us different, but the strength of the things we have in common.

Celebrate the shared interests. Leverage the differences.

Improve your perspective. Improve our world. May we all find our twin whose weird matches ours.

Strength in shared values.

Whether podcasting, singing songs as written, singing songs as we feel they should be written, or creating products that will never see the light of day, we are your new best friends! Whether we meet while boarding an airplane, standing in line at Starbucks or awkwardly reaching for the same last square of toilet paper, we wanna hang out with you. You’re fun, we’re weird and we wanna pass notes during study hall. We get you. No one else may, but we do.

You need a long-lasting momentary distraction with gratitude, humor and positivity (and bad puns) (we mean sheepishly baaaaaaad).
We got you.

Randiculous (random-ridiculous) facts about Mo & Katy you never knew you didn’t want to learn:

  • Katy prides herself on knowing every state capital. You don't even have to ask, she'll volunteer that info.
  • Katy loves fanny packs. No one knows why ... scientists are currently reviewing.
  • Mo is starting a Go Fund Me for a bleep budget.
  • Mo & Katy are both ordained ... that's right, they can marry YOU! Not like get married TO you, but they could marry you to someone else (so long as they aren't already married) (or you're not already married).
  • Mo & Katy are half of a barbershop quartet.

Correct Me If I’m Wrong Soccer

Hilariously inaccurate soccer facts (and lots of ’em) from a Civilian Mom (who doesn’t play soccer) trying to play ball with an Air Force Colonel (who LOVES playing soccer).
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Correct Me If I’m Wrong Crochet

Hilariously inaccurate facts about crocheting when an Air Force Colonel (who makes knots just tying her shoes) spins yarns about crocheting with a Civilian Mom (who crochets all the time).
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