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You know what happens when you assume? My nieces breezes through TSA pre-check!


Believe in yourself, follow your goals, and know where the emergency exits are.

House Fire

How our quick thinking and response saved our neighbors from a fire they never knew about.

Breathing Good

If you can’t say something nice to someone, talk bad about everyone. Nope, that’s not it. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Japanese Drag Queen

Asian, gay, female, military retiree, Air Force pilot, spouse, daughter, sister, aunt … aren’t we more than labels?

The Purple Dragon

I recently unearthed a photo that helped me put a past incident into perspective. I offer this story for any who has ever over-inflated an incident without accurate recollection to put it in perspective.

Counsel of Guidance

Have you had an authority figure who helped change the trajectory of your life … by laughing at your dreams and goals? I owe a lot to my high school guidance counselor and his lack...

File this under M … for Miscellaneous

I’m the model sucker for any planner app, binder or technique. What I’ve ended up with is some bastardized amalgamation of all the systems, but it works for me. I’ve only recently realized that bastardly...

Holding Mom’s Hand – My Proudest Moment

Unsolicited parenting advice, from a childless woman. I’m at the mailroom on post to feed the unemployed carrier pigeons in my message box. It’s lonely as an Air Force officer assigned to an Army Post,...